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Speaking Professionally

by Kathy Collard Miller

Speaking Professionally
Do you have a story to share and a desire to clearly articulate it? Whether you desire to speak to small gatherings or huge assemblies, Kathy Collard Miller will show you how to chose a subject, craft a speech, and deliver it in such a way that audiences will listen — and pay you for it. Included are tips on promotion, advice on how to avoid common speaking pitfalls, and much more is an easy-to-use e-book format.

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Speaking Professionally
By Kathy Collard Miller

Do you have a secret dream? Do you see yourself standing before a large audience giving your testimony or sharing the love of Jesus?

  • Maybe you think that you don’t have enough education to speak to large crowds.
  • Perhaps you want to speak - think that you are called to do it - but simply don’t know how to get started.
  • Maybe you wonder if you actually have something to say.
  • You might even be wondering if anyone would listen to you.
  • Maybe you only want to present a better Sunday school lesson or Bible study.

Whatever else you've been doing with your life, if you have the desire to speak in front of an audience, chances are God has put that desire in you and wants you to do it.

Let me tell you something important:

Your life is unique and what God has done in you is unique. And it is important that you share it with others!

Even though your experience is unique, you will be able to reach others - maybe someone that no else can reach - but only you can tell your story.

Churches, civic organizations, women’s ministries, conference planners, program organizers, workshop directors, and more are looking for people to come, speak, and share their unique stories of God’s grace. And they are looking for you.

I won’t kid you: Speaking professionally isn’t always easy. Some people think that traveling to various cities around the country - or even in exotic places around the world - is all glamour. But it requires a willingness to go where God sends you. It requires a willingness to take the first step and learn how to prepare a speech and how to let others know that you are willing and able to come and speak.

In Speaking Professionally by Kathy Collard Miller, you will learn:

  1. How to research and prepare a speech
  2. How to finalize your material
  3. How to market yourself as a speaker
  4. How to develop a “product line” and resources
  5. How to effectively engage your audience
  6. How to have the right attitude toward fame

Maybe you are already doing some public speaking and you want to hone your skills. This e-book will show you the techniques you’ve been missing.

Let’s take a look inside Speaking Professionally by Kathy Collard Miller:

How to research and prepare a speech

Speaking doesn’t have to be scary - especially if you know how to do the research and be prepared. You begin simply by speaking about a subject you know or in which you have an interest.

At this point, you may say, “Wait a minute! I’m not an expert on
anything!” But you are! You are an expert on what God has done in your life. And that bridges into subjects that will interest other people because God may be using some of the same methods He used with you to prepare them. And others will need your help.

Remember what Saint Paul wrote the Corinthians:
Praise to… the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. (1:3, 4)

Perhaps the “God of all comfort” taught you some special lessons about His grace during a divorce or the loss of a child. Or perhaps through a time of waiting. People want to hear about it. They need to hear about it.

Your story may not be totally unique, but that’s good because others will identify more if they or someone they know is going through something that you’ve experienced. But EVERYONE has some kind of story to tell or lesson to share that other people will actually PAY MONEY to hear.

Speaking Professionally by Kathy Collard Miller will show you how to tell your story and help others at the same time.

From a recent client: "Thank for you ministry. I was ask to speak for a Women's ministry meeting for the very first time. I'd never done this before but I wanted to be obedient to the Holy Spirit soI agreed to do it. I remembered seeing the book Professional Speaking by Kathy Collard Miller. At the time, I never dreamed I;d have a need for it.  After I was ased to speak, I bought  it. I followed the  format Pier outline and gave a  keynote talk. It worked for me! I was amazed that what I'd prepared to speak flowed so gracefully from beginning to end .   I was not nervous . At one point, my mind when blank and I remember the pregnant pause chapter   Before I new it I was back on track . I just felt to share this with you in appreciations of your ministry." - Carmen Harwell              

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How to finalize your material

Suppose you know what you want to talk about. Perhaps you’ve researched and have a lot of helpful verses and ideas. Now how do you organize all of these elements into a good talk?

First, you organize your ideas and research in a special way that Kathy will show you. Then you create a broad outline of main points. Marita Littauer came up with a simple, but great idea to help you craft your speech. You build a “PIER.”

PIER is an acrostic for:
P: Point: the key principle(s) you want to communicate
I: Instruction: practical ideas for putting your principles into action
E: Examples: anecdotes and stories (preferably your own personal ones) that make your point come alive.
R: References: the validations that make your point credible:
Scripture, quotes, statistics, etc.

To use this valuable tool, take a blank sheet of paper and write your main subject at the top, such as “Worry.” Then down the left side of the page, write: P...I...E...R..., leaving abundant space between each letter of the acrostic. Then you fill in the spaces.

From here, Kathy will give you the tools for fine-tuning and honing your ideas into a great speech.

Even if you don’t feel you are called to be a professional speaker, you can see how Speaking Professionally by Kathy Collard Miller will help you present a more effective Sunday school lesson or Bible study. But if you do, you will find this e-book invaluable.

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How to market yourself as a speaker

You say, “Nobody will ask me to speak because no one knows me?” EVERY SPEAKER STARTS THAT WAY. But it is not necessary to remain unknown. And you don’t have to hire a publicity agent, either. Kathy has lots of tried-but-true ways of getting your name out there. Among them are:

Make a tape -
Have your talk taped so that you'll have tapes to send out to those who inquire. If you are just beginning and have not had an opportunity to talk and therefore not be taped, you can do it on your own. By gathering a group of friends in your home and using your tape recorder, you can tape yourself. You might want to invest in some form of hand-held microphone or lapel mic so that you can get as good a recording as possible.

Additionally, Kathy will show you step-by-step how to create a ministry sheet, speaking agreements, and give everything you have a professional appearance.

There is a lot more information in Speaking Professionally by Kathy Collard Miller, but you can already see how anyone with the dream and calling can be a professional speaker.

Now, it’s up to you to take the next step.

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